FAI Castle of Sabbionara di Avio


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This is our besutiful castle. A monument we are proud of. It was conceived for the strategic control of the valley of the River Adige, so it was built on the summit of a spur of Mount Vignola. It is a big complex, which can be reached from the southern edge.

The castle is currently held by the Fondo per l’Ambiente Italiano (FAI), the Italian National Trust. The organisation was established in 1975 on the model of the British National Trust. It is a private non-profit organization and its purpose is to protect elements of Italy’s physical heritage which might otherwise be lost.

From the castle you can admire a wonderful view of the valley.

This tower is called Picadora. It was the place where executions (through hanging) were carried on.

Every year, in spring, our school participates in the project “Ciceroni in Erba”. This activity gives us the opportunity to provide historical information on life in the Middle Ages and to tell the legends concerning the Castle of Avio. Here, we are introducing the castle to some tourists.

Looking forward to seeing you again!